Payment and Shipping

The following conditions apply:


Delivery takes place within Germany and to the following countries:

Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland.

We do not deliver to Packstations!

Shipping costs (including VAT)

Deliveries within Germany:

We charge the shipping costs at a flat rate of € 3.50 per order.

Deliveries abroad:

We calculate the shipping costs abroad as follows:

Shipping to Austria: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Italy: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Switzerland: 15,50 EUR,

Shipping to Liechtenstein: 15,50 EUR

Shipping to Belgium: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to the Netherlands: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to France: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Denmark: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Spain: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Czech Republic: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Finland: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Norway: 15,50 EUR,

Shipping to Sweden: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Latvia: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Luxembourg: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Hungary: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Bulgaria: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Slovakia: 13,50 EUR,

Shipping to Poland: 13,50 EUR,

For deliveries to non-European countries or non-EU countries, additional country-specific import duties, customs clearance fees, customs clearance service fees and, if applicable, import sales taxes may apply. The amount of the fees depends on the respective country of delivery. Please inquire about these fees at your local customs office. These fees are to be borne by you.

Terms of delivery

The delivery of the goods takes place, in Germany within 1-2 working days, in the case of foreign deliveries within 2-5 working days after conclusion of the contract (in the case of agreed advance payment after the time of your payment instruction).
If you have ordered items with different delivery times, then we will ship the goods in a joint shipment, unless we have made any deviating agreements with you. In this case, the delivery time is determined by the article with the longest delivery time.

There is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays!

Terms of payment

For deliveries within Germany, you have the following payment options:

- Prepayment by bank transfer
- Prepayment by PayPal

For deliveries abroad, you have the following payment options:

- Prepayment by bank transfer
- Prepayment by PayPal